Hard Work.

Meet Matt Hamner.

Not only does he have an excellent name, He just came out with two songs that he personally orchestrated, written, and distributed. They’re about to be top hits in my book because they sound great and really reflect the worshipful heart that he and all worshiper have. On a side note, you can find a link to his songs here. Anyway, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Matt now for about 3 years. He was apart of the worship team for years and I was a audio engineer for the team when we met. I got to know him better when he came on board with our technical team at Redeemer. We went out for coffee today and as we were briefly talking about his new releases, he asked me which of the two songs I enjoyed most.

Although, I won’t disclose my answer to him on the blog, I want to tell you that Matt has worked hard on both songs while carrying out his work life in our ever changing technical department. I easily found a way for his songs to be added on my regular playlist. Matt’s question however, reminded me on one of God’s promises for us. That if we work hard, there will be great things to come. 2 Chronicles 15:7 from the NIV version says,

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

Hard work really pays. Everyone’s success in life is dependent on the God-given talents we all have and rests on the foundation of its quality, authenticity, and quantity of your work. If you ever feel that you want to give up on something because it’s too hard, know that God has not intended for you for failure. Instead, He has created you for better things and has placed commitment as an option to help you succeed. Matt could’ve choose to stop writing music because I know that there is always a workload in our department. Matt could’ve also choose to stop because there were probably people that didn’t think he was able to pull it off. He chose to not live a life of mediocrity and reached for the greater things God has set apart for him to do.

Reaching for greater things will require work but God had already ordained it to be extraordinary. God has big plans for Matt and God has big plans for you too. And trust me, they are VERY big plans.