Sian and Angelo are an Italo-English couple, Angelo is Italian, Dad’s a great chef in England, Sian is pure British blood!

And of course they chose among the most suggestive locations we are lucky to have here on Lake Como.

They married in the Villa del Balbianello and then celebrated the party in Rossino Castle in Calolziocorte, on the branch of Lecco lake.

The castle enjoys an incredible view, on one side the lake, the other side across the valley.

Sian to Angelo, they have a beautiful boy who has been calm and smiling the whole day.

Brides moms are something unique to watch and photograph.

I met them the year before the wedding when Sian was waiting for the baby.

Her attention was divided between her marriage and her child, of course, that nothing has taken off, indeed he has enriched.

I have seen worried brides for a little fever line, just on the wedding day, incredible grandmothers helping them.

Seeing more generations together in these intense moments reminds me how women are strong.

And then the little ones who can hold a 12–14 hour event like nothing.

When I meet couples with children who are about to get married (and there are so many), I widen my heart and I am even more charged.

Thanks to the Castle of Rossino and Giulia Lodi Rizzini for the organization and the support

Here are some photos:

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