Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Dear senator, america was already first. Leader in technology leader in economy, but before anything else first in culture.

In my country everyone is recall the great role Italy had in creating this western values. But now is very much self referential. America in the last century took over this role from us. But like italian cultural leadership america is at a turn-point. Eventually in Europe we may be able to take over from where you are stepping out. Several including myself are working for an united Europe that may exactly incarnate a new leadership in promoting those values. My hope that your country will be able to walk through those dark moments and rejoin this journey with us. Because it is not about Europe and not America but it is for all mankind. I encourage those with your ideals and your position to strengthen relations with those oversea that are sharing the importance of this common set of principles. It is not a political affinity: there are in Europe forces that are belonging to opposite sides working together for the same higher goal. The same dark forces are however howling our country too and a renew alliance between people shall reinforce mutually.