Washington DC — Speaker Pelosi heroically demands attention for doing nothing of tangible importance.

In an act of defiant courage and breathtaking sacrifice, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hurriedly shed her 100% authentic Kente cloth and tore it up in front of the nearest camera.

Reporters noted that the Speaker and longtime veteran of viral moments struggled to separate the article of clothing into two pieces. Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Steny Hoyer approached her to discuss the new pending police brutality bill, but the Speaker hushed them and continued to violently pull and yank at the cloth. …

Rising from rags to riches, Emperor Basil I “The Macedonian” founded his own imperial dynasty and set the stage for the Byzantine Renaissance.

Image Credit © 2018–2020 JFoliveras, depicting Emperor Basil II

Usually when we think of Roman Emperors, we think of extravagance, opulence, and wealth. No doubt the Roman Empire elicits some of the most vivid images of the stark divide between rich and poor; emperor and peasant.

During the dawn of the Middle Ages however, there was one man who could call himself both. And he took a tumble in the sheets of the Empire’s most powerful men along the way.

The story of Emperor Basil I “The Macedonian” started with the decline of the Roman Empire. Rome reached its lowest point in 476 CE, when the city itself fell…

Tell me I’m wrong.

So far, more than half a million people have contracted coronavirus. Several thousands have died.

Hospitals are overcrowded across the country as essential workers risk their lives coming into work. Essential not out of choice, but necessity. Heroes not out of bravery, but fear. Fear of losing their jobs, losing their lives, losing everything.

America’s economy, which was touted as booming a mere three months ago, is in shambles. Almost 10% of this country is unemployed. People are living on emergency savings, unemployment benefits, and one-time $1200 payments with obnoxious presidential signatures on them.

This is the America we live…

Howie Hawkins, the frontrunner for the Green Party presidential nomination, announced that he will select former county sheriff candidate and activist Angela Walker as his running mate.

Hawkins’ decision to tap Walker for the No. 2 job comes at a pivotal time in the campaign. Picked roughly one week after Joe Biden has collapsed in the polls and Donald Trump fumbles with the COVID19 pandemic, Walker adds a number of potential positives for the Hawkins campaign.

The announcement by Hawkins explains Walker’s background vividly, saying:

Angela has been an activist since she was a teenager when she successfully organized students…

How dare Bernie point out that we can do better.

WASHINGTON — Calling their bombshell report incredibly damning, CNN revealed on Sunday that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders praised a country for providing free healthcare and education to its people.

“This new evidence proves without a doubt that Bernie Sanders thinks healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” said Anderson Cooper in a breaking news segment, referring to an interview on the show 60 Minutes where Sanders defended his comments praising a country that managed to fuck everything else up but its healthcare.

“Unlike Donald Trump, let’s be clear if you want to go there, I do not think Kim Jong…

Imagine if Democrats campaigned against the right person.

Imagine the February democratic primary debate. The Iowa caucuses are a mess. Vitrol between candidates is at an all time high. And Republicans are mocking Democrats for poor turnout and lukewarm candidates.

Democrats get on stage, and they get the first dramabait questions of the night. Questioning Bernie Sanders’ ability to pass healthcare, Pete Buttigieg’s experience, or Joe Biden’s ability to turn out votes.

But imagine, instead of the food fight we’ve seen so far, Democrats do something else.

Bernie Sanders talks about wanting Medicare for All, but he siphons I’m on why now compared to during the Obama administration…

President Bernie means less costs and better profits for small business in America.

How many times have we heard it before?

If Bernie Sanders becomes President, you can kiss your money goodbye!

President Bernie means spread the wealth and make everyone poor in the process!

Bernie hates business owners and doesn’t want anyone to make any money!

All of these fears seem legitimate if they were accurate. If an American President openly demonized business and tried to tax them out of existence, we’d be in a big dilemma.

Thankfully, Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to be that kind of President at all.

Let’s tackle these fears one by one and see if we can…

Why Bernie’s stunning resilience in spite of Iowa’s sham caucus and the media’s sham coverage leaves him victorious.

With almost 72% of the vote in, Bernie Sanders has the lead in the popular vote (a 3 percent margin) and shares the lead in pledged delegate count with Pete Buttigieg.

Only a month ago, Bernie was polling in the distant teens, far behind Joe Biden. Now, Biden is stuck in fourth place next to Amy Klobuchar.

Bernie’s come a long way from here. He announced to widespread media scrutiny that claimed other young potential progressives like Kamala Harris would steal votes from his base. …

A new decade with an old demon.


I still remember the first time I saw a dead body.

Driving along the freeway, my family passed a car accident. I was about five years old. Staring out the backseat window, I remember seeing the flashing lights of police cars just arriving on the scene. A green Voyager was latched against a freeway railing, its front smushed in like a paper crumpled into a ball. Airbags were deployed, bulbously stuffed around the shattered car windows. Nestled imbetween the plush manila cushions was a human. A woman. In my eyes at the time, she looked like she was sleeping. …

President Obama walks with Hillary Clinton | Reuters

Support for impeachment against President Donald Trump remains heavily partisan. Republicans, who argue the loudest against impeaching the President, frequently claim impeachment is unnecessary because they believe Trump has not committed any impeachable offenses.

In the same vein, some of these same Republican voices opposing Trump’s impeachment, also argued for the impeachment of Democratic Presidents Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

With that in mind, the following is a heavily-edited excerpt from the almost 700-page House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Report against President Trump. Trump has been replaced by Obama, Trump’s associates by Obama’s associates, and dates or events from the Trump…

Matteo Bautista

Progress is born of agitation.

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