2 July 2018 (ME) — I send an email to Deezer Support requesting access to my personal data in an electronic form, according to GDPR Article 15.

4 July 2018 (DEEZER) — They send me my username and email address and say that it’s all the personal data they have stored. In the next paragraph they say that they also have the IP address history, listening history and payment history, and that I can request a copy of that data (didn’t they just say that all my personal data was my name?).

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4 July 2018 (ME) — I confirm that I’d like to request a copy of all the data, and I explicitly repeat the category of data they have (listening history, etc.). …

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Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

A few months ago I left Gmail as my primary email provider and migrated to FastMail.com. The original cause of the decision was the fact that Google announced it was going to kill Inbox, but at the same time I started to realize that Google had too much power on the Internet.

If you think about it, Google, a single private company, owns and controls:

  • the most used web browser (Chrome)
  • the most used mobile operating system (Android)
  • the most used search engine (Google)
  • the most used maps service (Maps)
  • the most used video streaming website…

I’ve recently started porting a REST API to .NET Core using the ASP.NET Core MVC framework, and one of the requirements is to keep the JSON response structure very similar to the one of the old project, that was written using another language and web framework.

The easiest part is returning response data when the request is successful. …


Matteo Contrini

Italy. Student at University of Trento. https://contrini.it

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