Beautiful Morning

You are the sun of my morning

If you have not listened to The Life of Pablo yet, or if you never intend to then do not read this, it will be a waste of your time.

Why do I love father stretch my hands pt.1? It resonates through my entire body and mind. I feel the whole song, it is one that you truly can sit there and be like, I love this. I genuinely love sitting here and feeling this song.

The intro where it goes, “if young metro don’t trust you then I’m gon shoo — ” cuts off and the bass just hits and suddenly it is a beautiful morning. No matter where you are, laying in bed, walking outside, in the shower, in your car, its a beautiful morning. Even if the weather is absolute trash and the tempermental Illinois weather decides to have a snowstorm in April.

Kanye said this would be a gospel album, here is his first verse in father stretch my hands, “Now if I fuck this model, and she just bleached her asshole, and I get bleach on my t-shirt, then imma feel like an asshole.” Not the most pious lyrics but still they uhh…I got nothing, kanye having sex with models is hard to relate to Jesus. What those lyrics are, however, they are fun to yell and rap along to, no matter how absurd and horrible they are in comparison to his old flows. I think I still am on a musical high during that part because of the chorus before it, that is why I can bear how terrible the words are.

The other part I want to talk about is how much I love feeling it. “I just wanna feel liberated ahhhhh, if I ever instigated I’m sorry.” These lyrics define Kanye and thats what I enjoy so much about them. He is just trying to be free in this difficult world. To break from his social ties and be Kanye. But wait there’s more, the part about instigating and being sorry, the way he sings/autotunes it in his awesome Yeezy ways is perfect. Absolutely perfect. This is the part that resonates so much, I hear that and I’m like, “yes yeezy, you are sorry and so am I, but you had to.”

Also he added background singers when the second chorus happens, they are magnificent. So good, so freaking good.

Beautiful morning.

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