Scratching the surface

We are two people set in one body, the one society perceives and the other person, trapped in your skull.

I know it’s hard to see it in this light

There is a persistent and terrible fight

In each of our minds

Should I ask this? Will they mind?

Each decision seems to be an ultimatum

No room at the end for an addendum.

Will I be made fun of for this?

Maybe they will accept this

Constantly thinking which people will care

Wouldn’t want to get caught in their snare

The risk of losing yourself

Your status so full of wealth

Rust and break until all that is left is grime

Swept away right out of your prime

Just look inside of you

You are quite a sight

I know it’s hard to see it in this light

Wow Matt you are trying to be way too deep.

Don’t give me that, I cannot be the only one who hesitates and stares at a text message before you send it to that person you have longed to get to know better. Or I am the only one who wants to express their ideas about activities outside of their friend groups intentions. Taking a step in a different direction to that of what society wants, it is scary. I hardly know you people, you are reading my thoughts on this screen and yet I will hardly ever gain insight into yours.

I wish I could know you all. I wish I could walk a day in your shoes, in your mind, see what brings you joy, anxiety, fear, relief, and peace. To understand another person is to really get to be their friend, I fear we lack this true friendly interaction. This stems from a massive distraction of our generation. I know so many people, ‘know’, where all they know me as is an @ and some letters/numbers. That may be me, but that isn’t who I am. You will never be able to get to know someone through just their social media. We are scratching the surface of human interaction and understanding. There is no mutual companionship in liking someones post on instagram, or retweeting an idea that is restricted to 140 words. We are more than this, and that is what I want to stress in this post. Right here is where I am saying that you know who you are, you do. Society does not, a social media app does not. You are the only person who will ever know exactly who you are. Your closest friends of a select group can get close to knowing you, but not by the means of looking at your facebook constantly, rather by spending physical time with you.

The depth of who we are is so much deeper than we can imagine, it is down there, sometimes miles away but it is there. The plight of personal understanding is one that can bring the most meaning to your life, and subsequently will stem into the relationships you have around you. Sharing who you are with those that have meaning in your life will enhance those relations, and weed out those that have no significance. The integrity of a friendship is tested when there is no material gain, rather personal understanding, it goes beyond the plane of what we see in front of us. Expression of oneself to others and then retaining and growing from that has been lost. To alter this we must make that change of mind. To enthuse our inner thoughts that would have previously been repressed. Your an intricate person worth the time of everyone around you, live out the person you wish to be with no fear of what others will say.

Have a great night.


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