Twitters 140 character limit could not satisfy the idea I wanted to convey. So this will be a short post for medium but a long post in comparison to twitter.

People are comfortable with what they have now, with what they know and have learned to use. When presented with a better or more effective item/lifestyle they will choose the lesser yet better known way of living. This causes change to be difficult, a comfort zone is extremely real and holds many back from excelling in life. This comfort zone can be pushed in two manners, by others or by yourself. Someone else can tell you to adopt this lifestyle or use this product over the other. Likewise, you heed their advice if you trust them and you thus benefit from the enhancement of living. The other way is by yourself, and this is where the real go-getters come out to play. These people do not wait until the extinction meteor is coming to force them to change, no, they are always analyzing what is the best around them, finding what works and what doesn’t in order to make themselves better. Make changes in your life that may cause discomfort, but if you convince yourself it will be beneficial in the long run and hold true to it, you will prosper.


Note: My medium about potential is still sitting in my drafts, I like to wait a bit and see if any other thoughts or revisions could be made. Should be out by the end of the week.

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