Bitcoin: Disinflating to Death

Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

Bitcoin’s Monetary Policy

BTC Inflation Schedule (Kiran Vaidya)

Bitcoin’s Cryptoeconomics

Bitcoin After the Block Reward

Maths Behind Bitcoin Miner Revenue & Profit

Transaction fees as % of total miner revenue (CoinMetrics)
Miner revenue/cost/profit breakdown with block rewards present
Miner revenue/cost/profit breakdown without block rewards

Mining Landscape

Making Mining Profitable Again

  1. Increase block sizes, therefore increasing transaction capacity.
  2. Increase transaction fees.
  3. A combination of increased transaction fees & increased block sizes.
  4. Do away with a fixed, disinflationary monetary policy.

The Road Ahead:



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Matteo Leibowitz

Matteo Leibowitz

strategy lead @ uniswap protocol | @teo_leibowitz