How to cope with AI & New Technologies?

On the State of the PRs in UK and the subtle risk of underestimating the impact of technology in handling the routine of Public Relations.

A gripping piece of blogging from @StephenWaddington on the state of #PRs in the UK commenting the results of the annual State of the profession survey from CIPR’s.

I do really liked #3 bullet point: Technology isn’t viewed as a threat.

As per Stephen’s wise words:

“Public relations faces a longer term challenge to establish new sources of value to counter the risks posed by new technology. At all levels, practitioners are overwhelmingly engaged in tactical delivery.

The most commonly undertaken activity in public relations is copywriting and editing — the third most common is media relations.

Elements of each of these activities are all under threat from tech and yet automation is not seen as a challenge to the public relations practitioners.

Our business needs to take a cold shower and wake up to automation and artificial intelligence.”

That is to say, forewarned is forearmed