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This is the english translation of Educere Ludendo:

Majesty is an introductory strategy game for children and families in which we will have to be build the most prosperous kingdom.

Each player has in front of them 8 cards that represented his kingdom: the mill where they find the work of busy millers ; the brewery where beer brewers prepare the great festivals of the country; the witch’s house, where a witch is responsible for healing the injured workers; the guard tower where cram the soldiers who defend our kingdom; the barracks where they prepare the fighters ready to attack the other kingdoms; the inn where the innkeeper serves hot meals and good beer to the soldiers; the castle where noble manage the whole realm; and the hospital where going the injured workers. …

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The big box of bee happy, available in 14 languages

This is the english version of

This week I want to talk about Bee Happy, one of the games of Chicco came out just before Christmas. I had the opportunity to try it on several occasions at my home with my daughter and her little friends. The game there was a lot of fun!

As usual, I will talk about the “advanced rules”, the one for the older children. All games of this line have two sets of rules that allow you to easily play it with childrens of different ages.

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The game elements, From the left, the “difficult” to weave, the easy “to weave, weave the spider’s web. At the top of the game board with the 6 + 6 templates Bee!

Bee Happy is a game in which we will have to catch the right bee faster than other players. Each turn a tile will face up a tile with a picture that represent one of the bee or something that allows us to recognize which is the correspondent bee. Players must quickly take the corresponding Bee-shape . …


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