When the balloons fly high in the sky!

Matteo Sassi
Dec 14, 2017 · 5 min read

I finally had the opportunity to try one of the games of the new line family games of Chicco.

Yes! Chicco makes board games! One of the biggest company of products for baby choose to enter in the market of tabletop game for preschooler with 5 games signed by Luca Borsa and Luca Bellini!

Well, today I’ll talk about Balloons a cooperative game in which we will be able to push 4 balloons up in the sky before the sun is not obscured by a black cloud!

In the box we have a simple game for children aged 3 years and an advanced game for children from 5 years. In this review I will talk about the advanced game!

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In Balloons players will launch a pair of dice and choose how to move one of the four balloons on the path. On each faces of the dice there are four different colored balloons, the black cloud and the friendly wind.

If the dice show two balloons, the player can choose which of them move the path, trying to make the most advantageous choice. Oh yes because a balloon can “leapfrog” his comrades during the movement.So, you have to try to keep the group as compact as possible to be able to move more quickly to the sun. In addition the cloud card pushes the balloons on the next card. Instead if a balloon end his movement on the rainbow may push back the dark cloud!

If one of the dice shows the wind and the other does not show the black cloud, the player can choose which balloon moves.

If one of the dice shows the black cloud … well you’ve been unlucky and you must to move up on the path. The dark cloud did not “leapfrog” the other balloons … but unfortunately It “jump” the rainbow and the wind card!

The game ends when you can get to all balloons on the sun card by winning the game … But be careful because you can lose if the cloud arrives before the last balloon !!!

Recommended Age.

I had the opportunity to try Balloons with children from 4 to 7 years-old and I found that the came is good because the title allows to play with children with very different skills and age.

In the basic game, players roll a single dice, and you have not to use the rainbow and cloud cards. In this way the game is simplified enough to play with younger children and allowing you to increase the complexity of the game when the child grows. So, you have a game that will follow the baby for a long time! Also, this version allows you to play with children with 2–3 years of difference without any problems.

Educational aspects

Balloons is a game that places the child in the face trying to take advantage of the result of the dices. For adults this can seem a trivial decision. But the structure of the game allow the children to learn how to beat the game simply by playing. In the various games I played, I noticed that many children tend to move the favorite color balloon and they forgetting to moving the best one, so they lose the game. You Don’t worry if they do in the right move! Be patient enough without explain the better strategy to use to win.

Usually I try to play with the children and simply make the move that I think more right. In this way, I note that the children’s learn the better strategy by simple observation and emulation! I think this is the best way to learn to play and to win!

Tips for parents

Balloons is really interesting game. First, this game allow to play with children who have different ages and skills. You can use it with the sons of your friend or family with ages close to those of your sons. Balloons has a few simple rules that anyone can learn it in minutes!

Balloons is a coop game , so kids are playing together, not against each other, and this allows him to learn how to defeat more easily .

All of these games are characterized by excellent materials. Chicco has favored the use of high-quality plastic; the illustrations are beautiful; and the card chosen for the games seem to last a long time and leaves a good feeling when you have it in your hand!

I found it very interesting that the entire line has been revised by the National Association of Italian pedagogues (ANPE) ! I believe that this practice can help ensure a higher quality of the product!

We therefore hope that the Chicco Yellow boxes invades mall and this could helps the spread of the board game as a fun and educational tool!

Matteo Sassi

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Board Games & Educational, Computer Science and Digital Identity! Here I post my thoughts, my game review, my projects!

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