Essentia launches $1 Million global blockchain Hackathon across 8 cities

We said we were committed to bringing you the next generation layer of data and interoperability, and we weren’t saying that lightly. We’ve now decided to put our money where our mouth is and finance an official Essentia hackathon to drive the ecosystem and unearth the limitless use cases for our protocol and interoperability framework. Staying true to our word, we will be pledging $1,000,000 to the hackathon fund!

As part of Essentia’s $11million fund, a part will be used to incentivize the development of dApps and other integrations to grow the Essentia ecosystem and add real utility to decentralized technologies — for the benefit of both enterprises and consumers alike. The $1m million pot will be distributed in prizes over the course of eight events located in different cities across the world, the first of which is has been pencilled in for late July.

The first Essentia Hackathon event to be held in Kiev this summer, we will be awarding a total of $100,000 from the $1 million fund to the teams who submit the best proposals. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • $50,000 for First
  • $30,000 for Second
  • $15,000 for Third
  • $15,000 Merit Award shared between 10 teams

We will be looking for projects that exhibit real innovation, ones that are also demonstrably practical and achievable. The judges will score projects on a range of characteristics, including their ease of implementation and ability to solve real world problems. A panel of judges, including Essentia project leaders and experts from the blockchain space, together with community representatives, will cast their vote for the best projects on display. All prizes will be awarded in ESS, the native Essentia token.

Who can participate

We are seeking developers who are interested and passionate about what Essentia can do for the blockchain ecosystem. Age and experience is no barrier to entry. If you are new to developing but are interested in joining, please contact us for more information on how you can participate.

At the event, we’ll be looking for particular projects which utilize the following:

  • ESS Multichain DEX
  • Blockchain based solution for automations between assets, devices, centralized and decentralize resources
  • Blockchain-based self-sovereign identity system KYC
  • Blockchain-based supply chain solutions
  • Blockchain-based GDPR compliance plugins for ICOs

Essentia invites participants to start preparing their applications for the inaugural Essentia hackathon now. Please visit or subscribe to the Essentia newsletter for further announcements in the coming days.

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