Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

Channeling: How do we motivate ourselves (humanity) to create a better future?

The other night I needed answers to a question that had been bothering me, regarding activism and protests such as the #MeToo movement, so I sat down and channeled my guides after posing the question below. I thought the perspective was interesting, and worth sharing.

Me: Negative emotions, as we hear are bad. Yet humans have always been driven to do good in the world when they are driven by their emotions such as anger against injustice. How do we motivate ourselves to create a better future if we remove these powerful emotions like anger when we are witness to the suffering of others?

Guides: ‘We hear your question and the dilemma within it but we do not see any conflict for within our perspective, we see that all can co-exist together. It is possible to act in the world and not be driven by negative, dissociative emotions. The key here being the word, dissociative. What is dissociative? That which separates. The negative emotions that have driven humanity to act against atrocities have only resulted in temporary solutions that perpetuate these atrocities. They are so, as they were born out of dissociation. To act against something results in the exclusion of something else. To act against genocide of one party, results in the exclusion of the other party who committed the crime.

How would it be to be inclusive of all perspectives? How would it feel to erase the concept of victim and perpetrator but instead to allow these perspectives to co-exist simultaneously? This is not something the human mind can easily imagine. You cannot imagine that it is possible to not judge neither the victim nor the perpetrator, from your vantage point. But we say, that it is possible, as all you have to do is to ask yourself if what you see is the only viewpoint for at any given moment in time, there are infinite perspectives. For the one committing the genocide, they themselves have the perspective of a victim and that they are committing the crime in self preservation. That is how humanity has been running itself for millennia.

What alternative could there be? It is possible to remove the anger and outrage that prompts you, as humanity, to act, by understanding that there is no one perspective. There is only what you prefer. Therefore if you prefer an existence where there is no genocide, and there are no victims of injustice, you must therefore remove yourself from that mindset in the first place. By default what comes after is action towards a future that you prefer, without the need for strong emotions. Therefore the steps are, to first remove the concept of there being one perspective on the world, followed by choosing a perspective that you prefer. The perspective you prefer, such as everyone living in harmony, is, simply, a perspective, and it is neutral. The opposite would be a perspective where everyone is separate from one another, and that too is neutral.

Choosing a perspective that you prefer that matches your energy frequency, does not require negative energy. It does not require anger. If you want to see a world with less plastic pollution, then state that preference and act according to that perspective. If you do not want to see people hating one another, then act loving to others. This is how you act against what you do not prefer, without the need for any negative emotions to propel you forward.’