Building the Design Agency of Tomorrow

In my 30-year career as a designer, I have witnessed incredible change in what it means to be a designer and how that applies to the types of products I design. The first products I created were fairly straightforward. In fact, it was possible for me to design, prototype and engineer a product entirely on my own, say, for example, the OXO ice cream scoop.

Fast forward to today and technology has changed everything. Every industry has been disrupted, and to continue to be at the forefront of design, we designers have to transform not only how we work but our business model as well.

We live in an experience-led economy where consumers demand more from their products. They want advanced functionality while being simple and intuitive to use. They want on-demand content and information wherever and whenever. They want personalized products and services.

In tandem with rising consumer expectations, we are witnessing the ubiquity of technology. Technology is no longer contained in a computer or limited to experts; it is dispersed into the world and into our everyday lives. This means the design challenges we face require a new way to think about how designers do their best work. It requires bigger teams with diversified skillsets utilizing emerging tools and processes. To achieve success, the conceptual front-end design process has to be deeply married to engineering and delivery. The fundamentals of good design are the same as during my early years, but the scale and complexity have magnified immensely.

I fundamentally believe that the design agency of tomorrow is one that can manage large, complex projects supported by a deep expertise in technology. It is for this reason that I have decided that MATTER will join forces with Fjord and Accenture Interactive.

This new powerful combination will enable Fjord and Accenture Interactive to be the preeminent agency of tomorrow. Adding a physical design capability will expand its core digital competence.

I look forward to combining Matter’s expertise in “designing products for a connected world” with Fjord’s global digital design & innovation practice, backed by the size and broad services of Accenture. This is a bold move and I’m excited about what we will design and build together.

About Accenture Interactive 
 Accenture Interactive helps the world’s leading brands transform their customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Through our connected offerings in design, marketing, content and commerce, we create new ways to win in today’s experience-led economy. Accenture Interactive is ranked the world’s largest digital agency in the latest Ad Age Agency Report. To learn more, follow us @accentureACTIVE and visit

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