Art Isn’t Free: A Surprisingly Necessary Continuation
Brian Geddes

Brian Geddes responded to An artifact is only art when someone else is willing to pay for it?:

Brian Geddes

Brian Geddes

I said that where, exactly?

It was a question that I had upon reading your earlier article. I used a question mark and not quotes. The question was not written in the spirit of a “hater.”

“My point was this: there is a lot of free art out there in the world right now. There are a lot of artists who are putting their work into the public sphere in hopes that they’ll get noticed. If you like the work try to figure out if there’s a way to pay the creator. If you hear a band you really like buy their album. If you see a piece of art that really resonates and the creator is selling prints from an online store buy a print. If they’re a freelancer consider hiring them for a project if you’re trying to do something that requires their particular skill set.”

Is the purpose of art to be noticed? Is the purpose of being noticed to get paid?

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