A few weeks ago, I reported a Local Privilege Escalation (LPE)affecting version <1.0.7 of EVGA’s Precision X1 performance software. This vulnerability was patched in version 1.0.7.

Vulnerability Details

While looking at the services created by the application, I noticed that a driver service, “WinRing0_1_2_0,” was started on the system and correlated to…


Attacks against Windows kernel mode software drivers, especially those published by third parties, have been popular with many threat groups for a number of years. Popular and well-documented examples of these vulnerabilities are the CAPCOM.sys arbitrary function execution, Win32k.sys local privilege escalation, and the EternalBlue pool corruption. Exploiting drivers offers…

Matt Hand

I like security, picking up heavy things, and burritos. Adversary Simulation @ SpecterOps. github.com/matterpreter

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