Women of Color in Comics — Bringing Comic Con to Marginalized Communities

One of the highlights of last year’s New York Comic Con was the abundance of panels on and about women. Amongst the many, the “Women of Color in Comics” panel stood out and shone throughout the event.

Initiated collectively by 26 members and growing, the Women in Comics Collective NYC is an Artistic and Informative Initiative dedicated to educate communities from every field and race about the role and merit of women in the comic book and other multimedia industries. The focus is to highlight and spread the word of artistic endeavors.
The organization was created with an aim to have the voice heard in the multimedia industry. None of us would have understood the need until now. As the panel garnered a lot of attention from the media gradually, it was realized that many of us felt the same.

The Women in Comics has been hosted by venues such as Bronx Heroes Comic Con, The Schomburg Center, ECBACC, The Poe Park Information Center and Gallery, and last year’s at New York Comic Con.
As the Women in Comics started getting invited to such conventions gradually, it was crystal clear that they were needed, wanted and accepted by a large audience. Initially, they were only able to attract people who just couldn’t afford to go to bigger shows like New York Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con International, so these brave women brought the ‘Con’ experience to them, for them — allowing the lesser known but talented aspiring artists, creators, writes, filmmakers come forward for an all access to Multimedia professionals. In most cases, getting in touch with them is a far cry. So, what better way to get the talents and artists under one roof, yeah!

The most important rundown of the event is getting real-time reaction from the audience. As soon as the panel discussion gets over, people run towards the table with questions, portfolios and sometimes children with their parents. A panelist remembers that one of the most heartwarming moments during last year’s show was a mother asking her if she could until she brings her daughter over.”She wants to become an artist but thought no one that looked like her was into comics,” said the woman, recalls the member.

If you’re attending the show, be sure to stop by the panel.

For more info visit: http://womenincomicsnyccint.wix.com/womenincomicsnyc

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WomeninComicsNYC?fref=ts

Ticket info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/woc-in-comics-race-gender-the-comic-book-medium-sdcc-2015-tickets-17405276651

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