Active Spotlights featuring Jonathan Chang, Matt Fang, and Ronald Liu

From Left to Right: Jonathan Chang, Ronald Liu, and Matt Fang pose on a rooftop in Westwood, California.

Last quarter, we decided to climb a roof and chat with Jonathan, Ronald, and Matt about their pursuits of film and photography!

  1. What’s up, guys! Real quick, please introduce yourself and what you are doing on campus related to photo and video!

Matt: I’m a 3rd year Cognitive Science major. Right now I am working for Campus Events Commission as a Media Specialist, and I also work for UCLA Media Team as a Video Lead. …

Active Spotlights featuring Jill Tiutan & Haley Williams

We are beginning a series of casual active spotlights leading up to our Winter Rush in January! These quick interviews are structured with the intent to learn more behind the academic, professional, and social lives of some of our actives.

Last week, I caught up with Jill and Haley after class to see what they have been up to since the summer!

Let me preface this by saying, this is simply my opinion rather than a fully-objective review. And if I butcher any terms, don’t sue me.

I only write about things I REALLY, care about. I won’t bore you with a review or an article on something I believe is mediocre. I actually think this extension is amazing in so many ways.

If you don’t already use it, it’s called Momentum; easy to find on the Chrome Web Store. And yes, it’s free.

I love Momentum because it is simple yet sophisticated. Every function is presented simply yet extremely useful functions…

We’re just gonna get the social-life things out of the way first… so here we go:

  1. There is always enough time to party, whether you get your work done first or not.
  2. That leads me to alcohol selection: natty ice and prestige make the greatest dynamic duo ever (name a better duo, i’ll wait). No but, to be fair, we’re all broke college kids, learn to deal with it. (This isn’t to say you won’t have Sir Lord Cumberton of Royal DeNeve and his $$$ bring in the Henny once in a while, but just be ready to be cheap).

I had just woken up 5 minutes before my scheduled lunch with a friend named Emil. Like 99.3141592% of freshmen who wake up right before their schedule lecture or meeting, I sprinted out the door realizing I was late, yet again, for another planned lunch.

Now Emil and I had been on the rowing team this last season, but he had decided to move back to Sweden to continue his studies. He was a very quiet and conserved person, but we got along very well the few times we had spoken. …

Matt Fang

designer . filmmaker . skateboarder . hedgehog enthusiast .

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