Mischief with mischief — exporting impossible vectors

Almost a memory

Breaking things is always fun. I suppose that isn’t strictly true, especially when it isn’t on purpose — but certainly breaking stuff intentionally is always a good time. Unless I suppose the broken thing doesn’t actually belong to you, and you’re just trying to prove it can be damaged — then I guess it isn’t exactly fun for everyone …

I’ve always had a fascination for breaking things and putting them back together. Limitations I think help surface interesting ideas. When it comes to trying out new tools I love testing those limits. What can this be used for? What…

Isometric map editing with Figma components

A grid of tiles in isometric perspective

Some time ago I saw two eye-catching tweets showcasing a (feature?) in Figma allowing a component instance to be squashed in faux isometric perspective, while maintaining the editable nature of the master component.

Creating the isometric view

Some were even using this to create device comps that automatically update with the design. Awesome!

Using components to automatically update device comps

I had a 48 hour game jam on the horizon. I wondered if any of this could be useful in the game developers toolset. Inspired — I set out to see what I could make Figma do.

After exploring possibilities…

Navigating the complicated mess known as communication

Matt Fannin, Product designer and developer

How many times have you mentally prepared for a meeting feeling quite sure how it’s about to run, only to get 10 words in and realise it’s spiralling away in a different direction? Some time later you find yourself with absolutely no idea what just happened or why…

About a year ago I made the conscious decision to speak in group situations more often. You might wonder why someone would specifically go out of their way to speak for the sake of speaking.

Some quick background:

I’m someone who isn’t naturally forthcoming with information. The reason is less about comfort…

Matt Fannin

Senior product designer at Flux Federation

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