Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Rallying To Save Last Man Standing
Joshunda Sanders

I think there has been to much emphasis on calling this a conservative show. I’ve only watched a few episodes but they did a great job explaining multiple viewpoints on those issues. There was an episode where gay/lesbian issues were discussed. Some of the older characters were homophobic in the beginning. Those characters weren’t ostracized for their beliefs. They also changed and became more accepting of gay characters by the end of the show.

Another episode was in spanking children. They explained several different lines of thought on that issue. In the end they all came to a middle ground compromise.

People are upset because we really need more shows like this that have characters starting out with one point of view and than coming to the middle or being persuaded to change their mind completely. This show did it well and didn’t try to only take one side of an issue.

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