Lyda Krewson’s mayoral campaign is attempting to con St. Louis’ working families.

1. Aldermen Lyda Krewson and Joe Roddy, Jr. celebrate the opening of another high-end restaurant in the city’s tony Central West End neighborhood. 2. SLPOA president Joe Steiger announces his organization’s endorsement of Lyda Krewson for St. Louis mayor as Jeff Roorda (arms folded) looks on.

I’m not a numbers person, but Glenn Burleigh is. Burleigh closely examined St. Louis mayoral candidate Lyda Krewson’s public safety “plan” to increase SLMPD’s force level by 200 officers and he came to this conclusion:

At the end of the day, [Krewson] is essentially promising to pay for spending increases with cuts to many of the very programs she claims will see increased funding. Because none of it is real. There’s almost no reasonable way for the math to add up, and she has to be acutely aware of that fact. After all, this same page on her website says: “I am the Chief Financial Officer at PGAV, an international design and planning firm. I am a CPA.”

So, Krewson basically is taking the same tack that President-elect Trump took on the 2016 campaign trail. Trump told us to believe him because he’s a businessman. Krewson tells us to believe her because she’s a CPA. “Believe me,” Krewson essentially is saying to us.

The issue surrounding the numbers of Krewson’s public safety “plan” wouldn’t be of such importance if it weren’t for the highly-likely possibility that effectuating Krewson’s “plan” would come at the expense of city services for the neighborhoods and residents of St. Louis City’s north and south sides. Krewson’s public safety “plan” fits well with the observed modus operandi of her aldermanic career and the careers of her allies Joe Roddy, Jr. and Steve Conway: concentrate city resources to the benefit of the well-connected and well-to-do in the Central Corridor at the expense of the young people, seniors and working families who reside on the City’s North Side and South Side.

And that’s why what the Krewson campaign proposes is an attempted con on St. Louis’ working families. Already, far too much resources that should go to the benefit of ordinary St. Louisans have been diverted to pad the profit margins of well-connected Central West End real estate developers. The City’s north side and a not-insignificant portion of the City’s south side have paid the price. This has been the Lyda Krewson way of doing business. Her public safety “plan” would only accelerate this dynamic. The end result would be public safety for just the well-resourced and wealthy Central Corridor and St. Louis Hills. Meanwhile, resource-starved North St. Louis City and Southeast City will continue to struggle with poverty and the crime that springs from it.

The Krewson campaign is by, of and for the interests of Central Corridor real estate developers. It is attempting and continuing to attempt to appeal to “downscale” white voters on the South Side through base racial appeals. As with President-elect Trump, “downscale” voters on both sides of town should think twice before giving their vote to a Central Corridor real estate development executive such as Lyda Krewson. The coming presidency of a Manhattan real estate developer should serve us well as an analogy.