Matt Friel Photography is one of the artists featured at Decosimo open house on October 18th fro 4–6PM. Decosimo is a CPA firm located at 629 Market Street #100 Chattanooga, TN 37402. The reception will be on the fourth floor in their gallery.

The Piece featured by Matt Friel of Matt Friel Photography is entitled “One Rotted Note”. It is a 16X20 photograph printed on aluminum. The picture is of an upturned piano in the former Greystone Park Psychiatric hospital. Please come out and support a local artist.

More about Matt Friel: My name is Matt Friel and I have been a resident of Chattanooga for 11 years and live with my wife and two cats. I am a graduate of West Virginia University Pharmacy School and have been practicing Pharmacy for 26 years. For 20 of those years I have been engaged in the art of photography.

My artistic origins began when I started to work with MDS, a modern dance collective in Florida. I created the videography and collected photographic stills for the multimedia piece “Illumination”. As a result of that work, I became fascinated with learning how to correctly render both architecture and people correctly utilizing a photographic medium, an extremely technical and time-consuming process.

During the years that followed, I partnered with many historic organizations to provide them with archival materials, some of which have been exhibited in Chicago, Birmingham, and Chattanooga.

From my breadth of experience, I have learned not only the art and science of photography, but I have also realized that everyone has their own vision of how they want images to look. In short, there is an artist inside of everyone. Essentially this is the founding principle of Matt Friel Photography. I pride myself on excellent customer service and for me this involves a great deal of collaboration to provide both the best product and customer satisfaction. To do this, I have to listen and use my professional skills and experience to to help “Articulate your Artistic Vision”