5 reasons why websites are the new low cost way to advertise & Grow Online

Its been over 10 years since my last true paid marketing position for a company i owned or ran. In that time its been such an interesting journey that has resulted in such a technology change. When we first started to design websites we needed to know so many coding languages, jargon, how to host without the use of Softaculous type applications and many other easy plugins. These days this is very different the last 120+ websites we have built in the last 2 yrs have all been made using WordPress hosted by a LogiaMedia server. All of which would have cost 10’s of thousands of dollars just 5–10 years go. With this technology shift has allowed us to re-launch our webdesign & content management company but using these new technologies means such a lower building, running & ongoing maintenance cost.

These are 5 reasons why we think websites & online presence is such a great idea to grow & advertise a business

  1. Website packages can start from just $99 a month for long term contracts
  • this allows companies of all sizes to brand & develop themselves online for a low cost. You wont find such an easier way to be found then a website presence including social media which needs to be updated daily & constantly to be relevant
  1. Can be left alone for months and still be relevant
  • having a website allows you to leave it alone for over 6 months and still be relevant in the market. Obviously to remain relevant necessary ongoing changes need to be maintained but this can easily be done by using a blog or content marketing approach.
  1. You can blog & its normally free!!
  • Blogging is free! The only time it will charge you is if you get us to write it which starts from $89 a post and raises up to thousands for custom and research driven long posts. These are a great way to remain in the market and notify your customers of upcoming changes and how it can be beneficial for your business. Especially as you can cross promote and use social media to push these posts out to the market
  1. Podcasts is the next level of blogs (+ video)
  • When the customer hears or even sees you they can generate a personal connection. Finding the right face for your business can be the hardest thing you can do. This person needs to be your brand and be able to feel confident in front of the microphone or camera. Podcasts & video will be huge in 2016 and we can happily talk to you about it. With our first podcast being recorded in early February we are happy to have you involved and teach you the do’s and don’ts. We recommend you have this in addition to a written blog as the more content the better since some people love reading and commenting rather then listening and watching.
  1. Ensure everything is correct and updated
  • This matters most of all, the reason… how else will customers find you and know what you do if you dont have the correct information. 2 years ago solar panels where all the go but now you also do maintenance & cleaning but does this website tell your customers this? Your a real estate agent that has moved to a new area & has new suburb records or listing does your personal brand page tell your customers this? Without all this information being correct how else are you meant to be taken seriously?

Why are we you telling all this great information and for free… Well to be honest it is nothing new, you can find this out by spending hours researching however, we do all the hard work for you. If you have any questions or wish to find out more get in contact with us today either via our social media channels or email us info@logia.com.au

Matthew Garcia

Head of Digital @LogiaMedia