The False Credit Card Saga

Mountain Out of a Molehill

It’s unfortunate I have to even write about this but some of Rubio’s opponents and of course the media, are spreading falsehoods in regards to his credit card.

“People need to understand what they’re talking about. It wasn’t a credit card. It was an American Express charge card secured under my personal credit in conjunction with the [Republican] Party. Bills would be mailed to me at home. Every month I would go through it. If there was a personal expense, I paid it. If it was a Party expense, the Party paid it. Now I recognize in hindsight I would do it different to avoid confusion. But the Republican Party never paid a single personal expense of mine — personal expense. This is unfortunately when this was initially reported in the press, it was made into something bigger than it actually is. I wouldn’t do it the same way again to avoid all these stories but the Republican Party never paid any of my personal expenses.” — Marco Rubio

Rubio is 100% correct that the card was a shared liability charge card. In fact, all American Express corporate cards in the U.S. are charge cards, which is a type of credit card that requires the bill to be paid in full every month. Late fees, if existed, would be incurred on the cardholder.

Rubio has repeatedly said that the Republican party allowed him to put personal expenses on the card. He and the party reviewed the monthly bills. Rubio would identify personal expenses and pay those charges directly to American Express, he said.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is this was already brought up and disproved when Rubio was running for Senate. As Rubio is on the rise, the media and his opponents are using these disproved Democratic talking points to attack him.

It’s unfortunate as we have a lot of challenges as a nation. American’s want to know how these candidates plan to get this country back on track. So if people feel the need to attack Marco on this issue let them. But his campaign is, and will be, about the future of America. We have no time for petty games and attacks.