Darkness fell

On our consciousness

It’s hard to tell

With any confidence

Which way to go without both compass and map

The puzzle box has been painted black🤖

Gods design is simplified through a circle divided down the middle, one half solid black, the other solid white. It’s an idea we possess. We could paint it to cover the side of a mountain or be a victim of it through contempt but u cannot escape it. We are Gods design. We are born and die. We love and hate. We have good days and bad. Throughout the coarse of an hour we experience many emotional changes. Sometimes we kill ourselves. Sometimes we experience tremendous social and spiritual success.

If Gods design is a trademark visible in all experiences and matter, then there must be a spiritual paradigm that will bring in Good will through man for a period of time. It would also, then, be eventually overshadowed again by the states and power’s God-complex tyranny. The question should be, where on the path through this spiritual procession are we. I would initially contend that we must be near the cusp of the dawn of Good overpowering. This is the most positive glass half full thought I’ve ever had. However, I must now be able to accept that the thumb of the state may be increasing pressure on our lives that will not slow for some time.

Indicators that the state (evil) is nearing the end of its cycle:

  • the New World Order; global governance
  • - Agenda 21, 30
  • - The need for, then creation of money, the financial conspiracy that followed and The inevitable digitizing thereof. (In ancient times there was no need for money, money represents evil in man. It was prophesied that the true sign that evil has peaked will be its mark, which you can neither buy or sell without. The digitizing of currency is an obvious upper step towards the cusp of total evil domination.)

There may be a paradigm shift spiritually throughout the earth from dark to light.

I believe that the evil establishment knows this. Global warming (the earth moving from evil to good) is their end times. we will move into a new consciousness. They would like to complete their mission of having ultimate control over man but they ignore the fact that they will never be able to, as God will never be replaced upon His alter. But they appear to be close, a deceitful mathematical equation which allows the plotted graph to get closer and closer to the x axis without ever touching it. From the human perspective, however, it appears to be the same line. We will take back what’s ours through the advantage of having our metaphorically longer days, the state will recoil when it’s exposed and God through man will hold the keys.

The parallel between the metaphor of climate change and the revolving spiritual climate bearing Gods trademark has likely been buried. Climate reform initiatives are held by elitists, Kings, heads of state etc who work in the name of darkness. They use a lie in their attempts to bring a one world government in which they will have full control, in the same manner as the banking system who has a similar power monopoly. But they understand the spiritual solstice as well as they understand day versus night and they are becoming frantic as the impending glory arrives to extinguish the blaze in which they toil. They would rather burn with their contempt. for humanity than feel cleansed not by fire but the rejuvenating, flooding waters that delivered us so many years ago.

The puzzle box was painted black in the first major attack of the war most recently waged against the light who had its day. The soap to wash the mask of truth from the puzzle box is in me and you and takes hard work and dedication through free will not incarceration. The poets heart is always broken struggling to write the words of deeper truths through earthly knowledge the fruits of sin like rotting garbage the institutional path are the walls of your cage and the emperors naked despite what they say. God isn’t just good, but he’s evil as well, the distortion is that He manages heaven, not hell, but it’s not God that wants us to be good and not bad, it’s the ruling elite who tied intellects hands and would like nothing more than to dominate more and see that u r stuck and not ever come up. Too bad that’s not the way it was all created there is day and then night it is dark then it’s light and then dark once again when the night creeps back in. Rivers of lava flowing like water are spilled out on the earth where they harden and cool we all know all of this but in it isn’t bliss so why struggle to keep it we just let them deceive us but I am not able to ignore what’s unstable I’m not good I’m not bad which defines every man but one day you’ll wake up and know that the truth in love is the concept, not word, and you’ll see how absurd and concrete is your world.

[Either God is good and the Devil is bad.]

[Or, God is the consciousness of everything, good and bad, the state is a projection of darkness in man and what is good is visible in opposite projections who’s structures are more difficult to define.]

It can be communicated through concepts like love beauty charity family freedom Liberty but no actual institutions would be identified because the eye is always drawn towards the corruption of good. Even the state performs good deeds yet the negatives are much more clear and abundant.

For some reason people see the military as ultimate good despite common knowledge of the military’s true spirit. EVIL. China is CLEARLY not imperialistic, not to the degree that they would invade our nation. Nor will Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, even Russia without provocation. The Muslim threat is real, however, our president is a radical Muslim and the State department funds them overseas. The military does not protect us. They attack others and they have and will escalate their belligerence towards us.


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