AppChat now in Beta

Matt Hall
2 min readMay 27, 2015


Hard to believe that AppChat has only been out for 3 weeks. The first week was all about trying to keep the server up and improving the chat experience enough so that people could actually use it. Since then we’ve done 17 releases and are now ready to call it beta! Along with a ton of bug fixes we have been piling on the features:

Things like:

  • Full user profiles with pictures, wallpapers, top chat rooms, and recent messages.
  • You can upload your phone’s wallpaper and use it as the background for your user profile. We also have a “Wallpaper Chat” where all the latest wallpapers are posted. Then, complete the circle of life and download anyone else’s wallpaper to use it on your phone.
  • Device and manufacturer chats: Talk with other people who have the same phone as you.
  • Automatic translation of messages between languages so every chat room magically appears to be in your language.
  • New message indicators since last time you’ve visited a room and infinite scroll back into history.
  • Watch rooms and get notified of every message posted to them.

We have big plans on what to add next but always love to hear feedback. Feel free to post on reddit, XDA or AppChat to let us know what you’d like to see!



Matt Hall

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