AppChat Verified Developers

Matt Hall
2 min readJun 18, 2015


We just hit version 1.4 of AppChat and it includes our most requested feature: verified developers for chat rooms. This means that once we verify a developer, we mark their chat as having a verified dev and they get a special badge inside their room. For example this is the developer of AppHunt discussing a new feature with users in their chat room:

Jorge asks for some feedback in the AppHunt channel.

Just look for the little crown and you’ll know that person is officially the developer of the app you’re talking about.

Even if there isn’t a verified developer for the room you’re in, you can just mention the magic username @dev. We’ll find out who the developer is and pass your message along via email. By the way, if you’re a developer who wants to be verified, just email us at

As indicated by the support email address, we also now have a domain and an official website at!

Our new website.

With this release we have completed our UI overhaul and added a trending apps section:

Our new cleaner UI.

There’s even more new stuff I won’t go into detail about here including a new dark UI theme, pull to refresh, and improved image downloads and sharing.

More big updates are in progress, but if you have some ideas we’re usually hanging out in AppChat Chat (!) and we love to hear your suggestions.



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