Ultimate to Watch this Weekend

A short segment I want to start doing with updates on live streaming Ultimate games happening this weekend (mostly just Professional Ultimate [MLU and AUDL], but significant college games as well). Reach out to me if you know of a live streaming Ultimate game happening soon so I can share it with others!

If you want to watch some live Ultimate action this weekend then here are the two Professional Ultimate games being streamed. First is the AUDL game between the Toronto Rush and the Ottawa Outlaws (streaming on ESPN3).

The second is the MLU game between the Philadelphia Spinners and the DC Current (streaming on Youtube).

Both games will happen Saturday the 25th, with the AUDL matchup starting at 5:00 pm EDT and the MLU game happening at 6:00 pm EDT.

Make sure to follow the relevant twitter accounts for updates leading up to and throughout the games:

MLU: https://twitter.com/mlultimate

DC Current: https://twitter.com/thedccurrent

Philadelphia Spinners: https://twitter.com/PhillySpinners

AUDL: https://twitter.com/theaudl

Toronto Rush: https://twitter.com/TorontoRush

Ottawa Outlaws: https://twitter.com/OutlawsAUDL

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