Working on (yet another) Project

Recently I had an idea for a fairly complicated project, I began to think about the idea more and more and began to feel really overwhelmed with the amount of work that I would need to accomplish. At the same time I was thinking about this project as if it needed to be a company.

I was working on this idea from the perspective of “This needs to make money” instead of just trying to develop it for the experience and the challenge.

After feeling crushed by the amount of work present I decided to pass on the idea (for now) and come back to building things for the experience instead of building things to make me money (sorry mom and dad, i’ll worry about making money later!).

So I started a new project, right now I am calling it Bundles, you can get more information about the project if you signup for the email list here. I want to make sure that I am building this for two main reasons. The first is that I want to learn a new framework (AngularJS get at me!) and the second is that I want to have fun building something again.

Also I want to be more up front about my project instead of building it behind closed doors, so I will post here every week with updates on the project, and will also compose email updates every week for those who want to follow along and get early access to Bundles when it launches!

Make sure to follow along with the project by joining the email list here:, and follow the project on twitter @makebundles!

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