Are Gradients The New Colors?
Gal Shir

It’s interesting how polarizing certain types of fit and finish become, demonized and then revered again. I was never a fan of wood texture, green felt, or buttons that look like gel cold medicine capsules in UIs. However there’s nothing wrong with using gradients, drop shadows or texture to aid in better communication and reduce user friction. During the flat trend, there have still been plenty of designers applying the restrained use of these effects. To me, flat design felt like more of a reaction to retina screens and responsive than anything else. The use of effects had time, file size and processing costs. With device processing power, browsers capabilities and mobile speeds ramping up it seems like some of the legacy fit and finish techniques are coming back. Before the end of skeuomorphism, I tended to work in what later became Material Design (with subtle gradients). Solid UX, design, and communication tend to be timeless.

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