1. So, the new version of the bill has to be passed the Senate but the same version must pass through House before going through Trump. Basically, House and Senate (H&T) bills must be same version before being signed by the president. It might seem simple for the bill to go to the President because the bill can travel both ways — meaning House can take on Senate version or Senate can take on House version. Either way, if one version is adopted the bill can go to the President and be signed.

2. What is likely to happen is no exact science but there are quite a few reasons the bills are different Namely, the largest issues being how permanent the tax bill would be the increase of the federal deficit cost around $1.5B, the House bill doesn’t pass the Byrd Rule, and the difference in H&S structuring their pass-throughs for certain businesses like LLCs. There are smaller issues like differences in the Obamacare mandate, estate tax, corporate tax rate start date, education deductions, medical expense deductions, mortgage interest deduction, child tax credit, and individual tax rates.

3. In my estimate it is unlikely for these issues to be readily solved before their the H&S deadline at the end of the year. It will likely go to committee and take on endless versions, luckily until the end of many of these politicians career. Otherwise, Senate is likely to lose their recent success in organizing because of the the moderate Republicans when trying to bring Senate Republicans to take on house bill. While House Republicans are unlikely to adopt Senate bill even though they are the underdogs because of the divide on the issue of the deficit, the House has mad it clear it won’t meet all the demands of the Senate.

4. Most importantly, we have to continue organizing, so we manage to get some where out of this mess. This is class war. We fight this like any other war — with total war. Don’t give up. Learn more about the political process, activism, and supporting those who are taking charge in your community. Come to a rally. Become friends with organizers and maybe organize your own event. Pass on the knowledge and become a leader. Get involved in a local or state level campaign. Call our senators and congress people. There is so much more we could be doing — if we are able — in making a new relentless political culture. Don’t be nihilistic because we can’t win every fight — we cannot fight broad and complex issues like capitalism, war, or climate change though traditional activism but we can fight for representation on focused issues and campaigns. We can win and we have to for the sake of the future.

Before you go, please read other important articles that explain why this tax bill may present a gamble for these Republican politicians future, since this bill was very unpopular.


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