Chapter 2: Urhyme, plan out for life of hundred years.

Wireframe, Architecture design and task management

By Matthew Chang (

When I first started making websites in 1996, rumors started to spread about that I am good at making a homepage, so the teacher asked me to make a website for a class website, then I received good response from this which I ended up making a website for my elementary school. It was large scale task than I expected so as I looked over another website, I did the benchmark of the site map, set up menu, then I…

Chapter one: The motives for making Urhyme project

By Matthew Chang (

Finally, I started writing about the Urhyme project. I have spent a lot of time on building a map out for Urhyme project and development. Last week, I was deeply moved by Urhyme product. Four years ago, I always wanted to make Urhyme product through the web, but I was unable to make it happen due to school work and studying abroad. In fact, I was not able to make a successful product because of my lack of skills in full-stack. …

Recently I have seen a book called Originals by Adam Grunt. The content of the book is about how people who do not conform to the world move around the world. The contents were quite novel, but I interpreted the analysis of the geeks a little bit, in the author’s way. In fact, the geek is not the strange we think, but it is about putting measures and other measures into one thing. I heard a lot of my talk. …

When I think about development, I feel that the most important part is whether I can get the maximum possible operation with minimal resources and prepare for large scale. That’s why I chose the micro service architecture, and if you automatically scale the resources used by the Docker to match the global, you will not worry about server extensions or co-location.

So far, if you really use AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and other cloud services, it’s much more stable than traditional bear-metal servers and dramatically increasing cost and resource efficiency. …

I remember I was an ambitious young man who want to make some gigantic company like Blizzard since the World of Warcraft (WoW) was most popular game of my teenage (as well as this time).

For making MMORPG like WoW, I need to gather team member because I could be made only programming aspects. I don’t know for that reason but finally I met some friends who has different skills from me like game graphic design, game system architecture or server-sided programming. With them, I started my own startup thanks to my father and some other VCs helps.

It was…

My new desktop in Sunnyvale

Finally, I got a good small office for my new startup. To get this place, I spent 6-months because of the unexpected expensive rental fees, sadly. It is located in Sunnyvale, has a beautiful sunshine, nice and busiest people. With a new office, I just start to write in here, Medium, has very simple, powerful tools even I'm not sure whether I can write down in English.

My short bio: I'm working as a software engineers as well as fullstack and devops for 10 years in S.Korea. Mostly, I’ve designed the Spring-based backend architecture, designed related-databases, design the procedure of…

Ikwhan Chang

Founder of Urhyme. Full-stack software engineer with 5+ years experience in large-scale web service.

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