The only tool you will ever need.

It’s not a Leatherman, it’s not even duct tape.

I collect this tool, having more than one is nice even if it is the only tool you’ll ever need.

People say “is that a Fitbit?”

I say “not even close.” It’s a Casio. I buy them myself. I collect them. But I have a rule only 5 dollars or less. I’ll go 25 if I ever find a gold late seventies calculator version. I find them at garage sales. It’s how I get my hunt on.

Yesterday my kid told me she could read time, but only digital. Digital is so much easier she said.

Back to the tool. It’s a watch.

It’s a motivational tool.

Oh and hide your smart-phone. Because although your smart-phone has a watch it also has notifications. Die. Die smart phone die. (I wrote this essay on a smart-phone)

Oh and same goes for smart-watches. See above. Die smart-watches die.

And you take off your watch and you stare at it. Watch the watch. See the seconds winding down. That’s you dying. Now get to work.

See the seconds winding down. That’s you failing. Now get back to work.

The secret is to return to the watch. Mind wandering? Pick up the watch. 15 minutes left to deadline.

Writer’s block? Pick up the watch. 5 minutes left.

MacGuyver time.

Cat scratching what could be a flea. Pick up the watch. You get the picture.

There is no other secret, no salve no snake oil.

There is only you, the work and the watch.

Watch the watch.


M. C!arke