Stop and pay attention
Tim Cigelske

Review what you wrote about what you found in Johnston Hall last week. Then look at your notes. Did you miss any details? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing without looking at your notes?

I did not miss any details. The advantages of writing without looking at your notes is that you are forced to think critical and remember what is essential. The disadvantages to writing without your notes is that you may miss certain details.

What did you learn from eavesdropping on a classroom?

I learned that it is very hard to learn the information in a class that you do not take.

What’s something you learned from a magazine or newspaper?

I learned that Ortiz Tapia resigned.

What is the Marquette Tribune editor in chief doing today?

Today, George W. Wolpert is now dead. Rip.

What can you find out about the professor you wrote down from the directory? What have they researched? What are they known for?

I can find out what courses Bonnie Brennen teaches at Marquette. She has researched cultural history of media and she is known for several of her books.

What did you say in the note you put in a professor’s mailbox? What skills did you learn from this person?

I said thank you. I learned how to manage my time better.

What did you learn from the student who works in student media?

I learned that he really likes working in student media because it is fun and something he is interested in.

What alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame inspires you and why?

Rudy Bednar inspires me because he was very successful working for ABC news. I am inspired because he attended Marquette from the East Coast, like me, and I was able to relate to him.

What did you see when you visited a new floor in Johnston Hall?

I saw cardboard boxes broken down and styrofoam stacked high. This was something that I had not seen on any other floor.

What Marquette alumna won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland? Now find her interview with Poynter. What is a tip that she shared about paying attention in interviews?

Jacqueline Banasynski won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland. A tip she shared was to not be boring.

Embed the tweets you sent to Dean Kimo Ah Yun.

What do you notice when you turned your phone off?

I noticed the humming of technology in the classroom.

Finally, a challenge for tomorrow. Don’t check your phone in the morning until after breakfast. Write down what you notice when you do this.

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