Cyber Security In a Personal Context

Cyber Security can be practiced by becoming aware of the inherent cyber risk in today’s society. Even though the risk is rather scary to comprehend, it is vital that anyone whom uses the internet allows themselves to see the risk with an open mind. However uncomfortable that might be, it is a current reality. I would encourage doing some personal reading on the risk from reliable sources in addition to going through one of the numerous free cyber awareness platforms available on the web. It must be engrained in our brains how important this risk is and is becoming. Then I think the enhanced awareness should take care of itself.

Our personal devices can never be fully secure. However there are certain routine checks that should be done when using any one of your devices in order to protect your sensitive information. For example we should avoid connecting to free Wi-Fi as we can never be sure if it may contain a virus. Furthermore, we should raise our awareness concerning app security, giving personal data online and accepting free USBs to name just a few. We must maintain suspicion and caution when approaching anything concerning our devices and the internet.

After going through this module I think there are numerous ways in which I can become more secure. I foresee the challenge being balancing security with availability. The steps I can take to become more secure would entail approaching everything online with caution without making any rash decisions. Anything I find suspicious must be researched thoroughly before acting as the threats can come from anywhere.

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