Spotify Creates “Your Goals” for 2018

Matthew George
5 min readSep 17, 2018


Spotify can recreate people’s lifestyles for the better through music and streaming. The app that mostly everyone uses for music has been set “goals” for 2018 that might seem appealing to the public. Their new campaign for the new year not only capture the attention of it’s users, but also presents a message to anyone in the world.

Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolution in Check?

Spotify created another campaign as part of the New Year of 2018. The 2017–2018 campaign of the New Year’s Resolution was part of similar campaign of “Thanks 2016… It’s Been Weird” in the previous year. The company focused on setting goals for the public who use the app often for 2018. This would help grab the attention of a vast amount of people who listen to multiple playlists and streams.

Spread the Word Out Through Music

Some of these “2018 goals” are either motivational, inspirational, and even funny. The ads ran on global standards that were located in several different cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and many others in 18 global locations, where there are billboards around each city.

To help spread and evolve this campaign, Spotify enlisted over 70 artists from around the world and they would be featured in various channels. Some of those artists include Sam Smith, Ed Sheehan, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, and countless others.

The Power of Music Compels You

The values of music and community brought people together through this campaign. Some billboards suggest listening to popular songs that are or have been trending on Spotify. Most of those songs are the ones that people listening to almost every day. Spotify has numerous playlists that people can listen to and they consist of multiple genres, such as Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Country, Rock, etc. Although people tend to listen to those songs for their personal entertainment, the campaign wants people to understand the lyrics, meanings, and backgrounds in those songs. Who knows? May be some people can take these billboards as motivation and learn something from them in their lives.

“Be as humble as the person who got an entire billboard for listening to HUMBLE. 1251 times” references Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE. His song got 903, 276,306 hits on Spotify. This billboard states that people need to stay humble throughout their lives. He even reference that his songs when he says, “I don’t fabricate it, aye Most of ya’ll be faking, aye I stay modest bout it, aye”.

Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” got streamed over 910,925 times. It’s he second most popular song on Spotify with 654,612,369 hits (second to “Stay With Me”). The reference of “be significantly less proficient at goodbyes” means that people should never give up so easily, forget about the past, and stay strong, even through tough times. Smith’s song even says, “But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry. And every time you leave me the quicker these tears dry…”

Spotify’s Media Impact is For Real

Seth Farbman, who is the Spotify CMO, stated “When we started to look at this year’s data and what the news was every day we realized there was a lot of fatigue and exhaustion with all the events in 2017. So rather than go back and relive that exhaustion, we thought we would look forward and bring in a spirit of hope and optimism.” And, what better way to do that than through music. The campaign might be funny at times, but it can present as a learning lesson. It attempts to target audiences who have different political opinions. “Our job is to shine a light on those events that provoke people to strong emotion through music, and to use humor to relieve some of the seriousness”, says Farbman.

Example of a Political Reference in Spotify Terms

Wait, Spotify Impacts Social Media? You Must Be Crazy?

It’s true though. Spotify has been finding different ways to interact with people throughout the world. This campaign is certainly a definite to get attention, obviously for the right intention. It’s previous ones helped bring this idea to social media data, shares, and playlists, which made their campaign go viral. “What we started to see is a lot of artists, when we put up a billboard, they will take a selfie in front of the billboard,” said Farbman.

As a matter of fact, Twitter played a role relating to the trending of this campaign. Some were wondering if they still had the New Year’s resolution in mind. They find these ads hilarious because the ads either reference a particular song, life situations, or just being really “savage”.

This campaign remains to be one of the most creative advertising relating to user data. These ads continue to express the feeling of happiness and joy, teach people lessons, enjoy artist music in an intuitive way, and captures the attention of Spotify’s users.

It created connections with people from around the world, especially on social media. Many of billboards were posted and shared online thousands of times and will only continue to grow and make an impact on people’s lives.