Spotify Creates “Your Goals” for 2018

Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolution in Check?

Spread the Word Out Through Music

The Power of Music Compels You

Spotify’s Media Impact is For Real

Example of a Political Reference in Spotify Terms

Wait, Spotify Impacts Social Media? You Must Be Crazy?




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A colourful graphic image edited by the author. Courtesy of the Voilà AI Artist mobile app. It shows a generated grid of four faces; one in the top left of Rambling Rose’s face and the other three variations of the original face expressed as cartoon art with a Disney style. The grid is placed over a background of two large Voilà AI Artist logos, formed of the letter ‘V’ with multicolour vertical stripes of dark pink, orange, yellow, teal blue and navy blue.

Best WordPress Hosting Services (Ultimate 2020 Guide)

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Matthew George

Matthew George

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