Following the Call to Action

I get asked all of the time, “Will you become a teacher?” I get asked this because I am an English major in school, and automatically people assume that the only logical thing for me to do is become a teacher. Now on a personal level, I love teaching, in fact it is one of the few things that I would do for free, just for the sake of it. I’m not sure why I enjoy it so much, but my father is a teacher, my paternal grandmother was a principal, and my paternal grandfather was a teacher, then lawyer, and then a judge. So you can say it runs in my blood if you choose to think about it that way.

Today, I tutor across the spectrum, from young kids from China who are just learning English, to fellow college students who need help with their more complex assignments. My philosophy on why teaching is fulfilling is backed by my philosophy of the meaning of life in totality. What I mean is this: life is hard sometimes, really hard. In conjunction, I will also add to that that life is finite, and that at one point our individual existences will come to pass. With this in mind, I see it that if there is any point to each of our individual existences, it is to simply bring value to other people’s lives. So by teaching, tutoring, mentoring, fostering the bright minds of the next generation, or however you choose to say it, I believe that I am in synchronicity with the universe at whole.

Now before I get too deep and lost in esoteric banter, what sparked this was the question that I always get which was, “Will you become a teacher?” What my answer always sounds like is a “Yes” and a “No.” I say this because while I believe that becoming a teacher is a noble thing to do, it is not something that I want to do professionally for the next 35 years or so. For intuitively, I believe that I have the potential to do so much more. I believe that I have the potential to impact far more people on the grounds of more than just teaching them English studies. I also have business aspirations that I must accomplish if I am to live the lifestyle that I truly want. What that consists of is the type of life where I have the option to do what I want to do everyday. For freedom, and my desire to travel and engage with the world at my own discretion can only be achieved if I have an independent machine behind me.

But building a business is difficult, more difficult than becoming a teacher, so why do it? Well I don’t know why. Do we necessarily know why we do anything? This is just my calling as I did not choose this path. My aims are a part of my being. I do want to teach, but I want to do it on my own time and for noble reasons, not just for a living. I want to mentor and be a hero to the youth and adults alike on life, goal setting, business, and relationships. But I can’t magnify my gifts and do that by just becoming a teacher with a 9–5. What I urge is for people to not be afraid to deviate from the path that people except them to follow. Often there is a calling that you must listen to that eventually becomes your ‘why.’ But just because we hear the calling does not mean that it will be easy. But fret not; move forward, preserver, and work to realize the dreams that incite fear in you and excite you, for these are the dreams that will cause us to actualize into our highest potential.