Map Sketch Creative Exercise

Every morning we do a creative exercise to start class. Yesterday we had a challenge to make a map sketch of a place we love. I chose to make a map of Tiergarten. Tiergarten is a huge park in the middle of Berlin. It is so big, that you can spend an entire day just wandering around in it. Because of its size, I decided to make a map showing the different activities that can be done in the park.

Here is a Google Maps view of it:

I decided to remove most of the grey parts and a bit of the green. I also wanted to remove all of the unnecessary roads. There are some great monuments, exhibits and places to eat in the park, so I was sure to point them out. I also kept the waterways.

Here is my initial handmade sketch of the park:

I thought that the pathways were a bit much, so I removed them.

Here is the final rendering I made in Sketch:

I emphasized the best monuments with pictures and the orange dots signify places for grub. In order to get accurate placement, I sketched on top of the google map and then adjusted all the edges and enlarged the width of the streams.

The final rendering took longer than we had time for in class. It took a few hours to complete, but I had so much fun doing it.

There is still so much I have to learn and I am still at the beginning of this bootcamp journey. I cannot wait for what is to come!