Passive Income: Project #1 Recap

I wanted to do a quick recap of my first attempt at a passive income project. I hit my goal of being mostly finished with the book review site about a week late into February. Overall, not too bad. I’m now in a maintenance mode and only permitting an hour or two a week dedicated to it, most of which will be filled with doing content creation for book reviews in order to continue to add value to the site.

I feel like I learned well through this experience. Not so much technical stuff but more abstract concepts, for example, having to hustle with a limited amount of time. Only what was absolutely necessary got done, and I had to question what was absolutely necessary, what I thought was necessary wasn’t always correct and it would take a nudge from a friend or just some time on my part to realize it. My weekly mastermind group kept me grounded and encouraged me to push forward when my ego was telling me I wasn’t good enough.

All said, I currently have no income to show for it. But that’s OK. I recently added amazon referral links and am working on getting Google adsense in place. I have 2 subscribers on the e-mail list. I have 157 pageviews in the last month (who knows how many of those are me and bots), steadily declining. I did some google trends research on search terms and am trying to model some posts for SEO advancement. We’ll see how things go. If after a few months of content generation and things are still not taking off, I may consider paying for some ads.

In short, I’m happy that I kept mostly to my time goals and commitments, this allows me to move on to a new project while keeping the other alive and giving it time to grow to it’s full potential.