New chat moderation tools, get hype!
Brian Petrocelli

The mod logs are cool. Chat rules and chat delay are just stupid, really. I really feel like you guys massively over-complicate the chat… it’s a really simple concept. I imagine in 3 years time that you’ll *still* be coming up with superfluous ideas as to how to “improve” the chat. I don’t know if Twitch has a dedicated team for “improving the chat” or what (I guess they do since you guys keep churning forced unnecessary embellishments out) , but it’s just a massive waste of time in my opinion.

It would be like having a square, and having a team of mathematicians dedicated to improving that square, while keeping it a square. A square is a square. The chat works fine as it is. It doesn’t need 3 million options and tickboxes and dohickeys and wombles. Go focus on other areas of the site.

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