A human anomoly reflects on itself

(Look at this document regularly. Since it reflects an anomaly, it will change.)

I do not believe in Utopias.

I try not follow any certain scholar, philosopher, or school of thought without reservation. Any new information is neither true nor false until it is verified in some fashion. As a consequence, I enjoy digesting ideas that are in conflict with one another because there’s really only one way to get anywhere near Truth but to let ideas battle.

I do believe in the idea (and ideal) of love conveyed by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.

I prefer to think “contextually.” How would Plato have thought about a situation? How would Kierkagaard? How would William Lane Craig? If you are going to dig into an idea, you must understand (as best as possible) what other people think. What I think is a selection, combination, exclusion, and extension of what other people have thought.