I’m Living For [May/June 2017 Edition]

The sun is shining and you just want to skip on your way. That is the miracle of May and June. The blazing winds of March and happiness drowning rains of April have left us. Now, the good times are among us. The weather is just right, which means time is of the essence to get out into the world and do something with your day.

Adventure time is at its peak in May and June. The academic year is coming to an end and summer vacation has begun. Now, is the time to take the vacation or weekend outing you’ve been planning for months. You need that break from the work grind.

To be honest with you, May is one of my favorite months. The college year is in its final days and then summer break starts. Those first few days of summer break always exudes a refreshing aura and I want to make those days count because you feel they’ll suddenly disappear and you’re back in class.

I’m excited for this coming May and June, for I’m planning to take a couple friends on my first friends only getaway. No parents, no chaperones, no school trips. What better time to do it then during the season of freedom.

What are your plans for May and June? Need a few ideas and suggestions? I got you covered. Here is what I’m living for in May and June!

Entertainment to Watch

Baywatch Movie

Friday, May 26

Do we need a reason to watch a shirtless Dwayne Johnson or Zac Efron? No, we don’t.

Johnson and Efron star in the remake of the sexy beach drama Baywatch. An internationally watched, widely parodied, and reason David Hasselehoff is rich TV show that introduced the concept of slow running to look sexy AF.

Johnson stars as an overcompensating lifeguard chief who must let disgraced Olympian, Matt Brody, (Efron) join the team in a PR stunt.

House of Cards

Tuesday, May 30 | Netflix

If we all had to make an exemption for watching more politics then it’s for Frank and Claire Underwood.

The Netflix show is returning May 30, but it has been very tight lipped about what fans can expect to the fifth season of Netflix’s thrilling gritty D.C drama. When Frank and Claire left us with the words, “We make the terror.” I don’t think or hope they weren’t warning us about the real-life outcome of the election. On May 30th all will be revealed.


Sunday, June 11 | TNT

Niecy Nash is the breakout star of Scream Queens, but she can’t be a supporting character. She is a star people! Now, Niecy has a starring role in the upcoming dramedy, Claws, about five manicurists in South Florida who have a lot more than just pedicures going on in their lives.

The Rashida Jones produced show stars Nash as salon owner, Desna, who cares for her mentally ill brother when not managing the salon or getting caught up in her co-workers mayhem.


Wednesday, June 28 | TV Land

This heart warming and fun dramedy stars Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, a forty-something restarting her life at a publishing company while pretending to be a 26 year old. Foster is joined by dreamy co-star Nico Tortorella and early 2000’s superstar, girl we all wanted as our best friend, Hillary Duff, as Foster’s twenty-something co-worker.

Can Liza pretend to be a twenty-something forever? Liza’s friend Maggie (Debi Mazer) thinks Liza can be like skinny jeans: Forever.

Out and About

Queens Taste 2017

May 2 | NY Hall of Science, 47–01 111th Street, Corona, NY

If you serve food they shall come. Come be a foodie for the day at Queens Taste 2017 showcasing over 60 restaurants, dessert artists, drink vendors, and more!

You want sweet and sour? Done. You can’t decide between creamy and crunchy? You can have both. Looking for a certain countries foods? Take you pick Queens Taste has you covered. Chow done on samples upon samples of delicious foods as you spend time with friends and take Instagram worthy pictures of the foods you’re eating.

NYC Holi Hai

May 6 | Governors Island, New York, NY

You probably never learned about Holi Hai growing up and that is a shame. Holi is a celebration in India and Nepal celebrating the arrival of spring, the spiritual victory of good over evil, but it is also a way for people to come together to laugh, play, and have a day to leave their stresses behind.

How is this down? With throwing colorful powder everyone until we all look like our own personal rainbows.

Come to Governor’s Island for a day of colorful powder throwing, live music, and food from a variety of vendors. If you haven’t already figured it out wear white!

NYC Pride

June 16–25 | Multiple Locations

If there is one event or say several events I recommend you go to in the month of June it is NYC Pride. A beautiful and amazing celebration reminding us how much progress the LGBT community has made, yet still has to go. While offering a variety of parties, street fairs, and events for people to come together as a community.

If you are a LGBT parent looking to take your children somewhere fun there is the Family Movie Night or if you’re looking for a fun night with some friends and, maybe, a special someone later there is the Fantasy Party and Masterbeat Game Show.

On June 25 come together with the rest of the LGBT community at the Pride March and then swing over to Pridefest Street Fair. You will never know who you will meet!

Quote to Live By

On a personal note, I have become concerned with the negativity of a couple people in my life. Sometimes, people’s energy and/or attitude can affect you. An effect that may be unintentional or an unfortunate desire on their part. I’ve noticed this negativity can come about, especially for students and younger people in May and June.

The academic year is coming to a close or ending. People in their twenties who have graduated can still be effected by that cycle. The end of the “year” makes people evaluate where they are in life and sometimes they are not happy where they are. They can express this disappointment or anger in possibly a negative way. Don’t leave you’re friends stuck in a negative bubble unless it becomes unavoidable. Instead, I recommend you spend more time with people who are there for you as you are for them, look at the glass half full, and want you to succeed & be happy.

You deserve it because we all have a right to it. Keep calm and carry on!

Thanks for reading and hope this gave you some ideas for your next adventures, nights out and . Got an advice tip, TV show, or upcoming event you think is a must know? Comment below or tell me on Twitter @Matt_Reich7

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