Facebook doesn’t offer “Feeling Apocalyptic” as an emotional check-in. A pity, because it fits today.

Acrid smoke darkens the sky, rendering the sun a devilish red, like the eye of Sauron. The earth burns, and sends down ash instead of rain. People in my state flee for their lives in advance of the flames. So many record-breaking infernos and storms beset us, rendering the descriptor trite and meaningless.

Concurrently, the President expunges “climate change” from policy manuals, and bans its utterance from the lips of policy makers. But worse — far worse — he takes action that threatens an estimated 800,000 people with expulsion from the only home they’ve ever known.

I comfort myself with the conviction that the universe — God, karma, Jesus — doesn’t permit the mistreatment of people. It will not be silent forever. Wrongs will not go unrighted.

So, let the earth burn, the sun and moon run red across Heaven like blood, and the sky rain ash, because Justice does prevail, and it doesn’t respect wealth, power, or position. Amen.