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Maybe would feel less angry about all this shit if you didn’t look at it all as some logic/language problem, but thought about historical and material realities shaping these conversations. Yeah the left can be “cops,” you know who are also the cops though, the fucking cops? Equating twitter battles and the power to actually imprison millions in support of the capitalist ruling class seems like a false equivalent if there ever has been one. Point taken about problem of radicals turning into their enemies perhaps, but the problem is, maybe we need to actually distinguish who the enemies are (again, the actual fucking cops). Call me an “authoritarian” if you want, but sometimes the racist, class enemies are the racist, class enemies and thats kind of that. Yeah there is hypocrisy and whatnot on the left that might hurt the building of an actual movement, but again, remember who the enemy is, the actual fucking cops.

As you write off Foucault, you both mischaractierize his thought and write like a Foucauldian (according to my interpretation). The ideas of power he develops in Discipline and Punish do not depend on there being a division between the guards and the prisoners, though they might start that way. Also, his idea of the panopticon is just a useful metaphor (Bentham’s Panopticon was never actually built). My reading is that he is actually talking about how the feeling of constantly being policed leads people to police themselves. At some point the need for the actual police becomes more or less superfluous, as everyone becomes so good at policing themselves. This position (interesting and sometimes useful as it is, even if undergrads might read and like it sometimes) basically erases the possibility of solidarity and class struggle against those in power because the conditions of modernity (Foucault would never say capitalism, because that’s something a simplistic Marxist would say) have already so entrapped us in systems of disciplinary power that there is no hope. As I read it, this nihilistic view is also more or less what you are espousing here. It is also one that specifically developed as a response to the radical anti-capitalist left in the 1960s. Interestingly, his theory has been used by the CIA (again, the actual fucking cops) as a way to undermine radical politics:

I don’t disagree with everything you write here. There probably are some policing problems with the internet left. It’s also easy to disengage from those problems if you want. As for both actual capitalist exploitation and actual leftist social movements though, that is more complicated. Solidarity forever.