The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

In response to the linked article:

Rifles, including “high-capacity, semi-automatic, assault-style” rifles accounted for 248 murders in 2014. However, 435 people were killed by blunt object and 660 people were killed by “personal” means, aka bare hands. In the same year 5,562 people were killed with handguns, and 32,675 people died in car accidents.

Only one of these categories universally requires skills validation and licensure in order to purchase, own, and use, but we are in no hurry to ban their possession and use, because it makes life more convenient. Yet, the right to defend oneself against assault is considered an individual human right by the UN, driving a car is not. If we are willing to go that far to make a convenience (read: privilege) safe, then why would we not at least do the same thing for tools that support an individual human right?

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