Elements of management

Management is a vital role which is performed by the manager of the organization who is supposed to look at all the activities which are been performed by the whole staff of the organization. A large amount of information can be attained from http://ijm-apm.com/ about management.


whether the company will run in profits or loss, this all depends upon the staff members of an organization. In other words we can say, it is the men power of any firm that takes the organization to the higher rates of success. That is why, manpower is considered as the heart of the organization. No firm can run smoothly without the proper functioning of staff members.

But, staff members of any organization will only work properly, when they feel the atmosphere of the organization is good according to them. For that the manager is required to motivate the staff members by appreciating them for their work and also by giving incentives after a certain time epoch. If a better coordinating relationship will be among the firm and the staff members, only then the rest of activities can be performed in a well proper manner in any firm.

Organizing staff activities

organizing the activities and task which are assigned by a manager to the staff members is what organizing staff activities is all about. Under this, the manager is required to mention and explain each and every employee about their daily tasks.

This not just helps in distributing work as per the excellence of the staff member but also helps in increasing the efficiency of the staff because when a manager assigns tasks to the staff, it somehow gives a time limitation to the staff members about performing their given work. This not just benefits the organization but also increases the caliber of an individual employee.

Controlling resources

there are various resources that are used in an organization, but sometimes the raw resources which are quite important to run an organization are misused by the staff members, whether it is about any equipment and tool of the office or about any information with highly confidential nature.

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