Crossroads: Towards a Universal Browser for Deals

The road ahead

The icons shown here are placeholders. The final design will be different.

Markets become adaptable

Hoodoo — a new language for offerings

Making a deal on a crossroads. What could go wrong?

Ten examples that are possible with Hoodoo

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  1. Hire a cleaner in a cleaning market.
  2. Give them access to a home via a smart lock.
  3. Hire a marketer to promote the house via a freelance marketplace.
  4. Sell the space in the front yard to urban gardeners in exchange for a small portion of food. If the market doesn’t exist, hire marketers to create it.
  5. Lease the house to people and offer a discount on their bond in exchange for an hour of their time per week.
  6. Use 1 hour of their time to preserve the urban gardeners’ food.
  7. Hire a marketing firm to find the first 100 customers.
  8. Reinvest money from the rent to scale outreach based on profit margins.
  9. Optimize the performance of the code for these agreements based on a trustless performance improvement market.
  10. Sell some of the roof space to solar energy investors .

Other examples of Hoodoo

Five-point summary

  1. Smart markets are markets that are transparent, open, and interoperable, and may, in turn, consist of other smart markets. A smart market helps to make value more liquid by being interoperable.
  2. The first smart market will be for commodity futures but there are no limitations on what other markets to support.
  3. The Crossroads Browser is what people will use to access smart markets and will act as a simple web interface.
  4. Hoodoo is the language that programs will use to interact with smart markets automatically. It allows for more sophisticated agreements.
  5. Ambrosus is at the heart of this system and will provide the needed information on the quality of goods in different supply chains. Intelligent agents can use this information to select deals with more reliability.



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