I just made my first dollar!

Make that five dollars!

This is what my friend sent me after I contacted them on Facebook and asked for their investment!

I set up a paypal.me account and asked my friend for help. I told them I was starting a business and they were happy to invest in me.

It took a little over 45 minutes and here is what I can do in the future to make it not take as long:

I waited for too long when my first friend said, “Sure I will give you a dollar. How do I do it?”

That friend didn’t end up following through and I spent too much time refreshing my email inbox, waiting for their deposit to come in before I hopped back on Facebook and started asking more of my friends.

What an improvement from two hours ago! I got nervous a few times, wondering if I had offended anyone in the process of asking them to invest in me. But, when I believe in me and my business and believe that I am worth the investment (and I do), asking for help is exciting as opposed to nerve racking.