I just started an Entrepreneurship course from Noah Kagan and AppSumo

Here’s the introduction that I posted on the discussion panel:

“Hi, thanks for taking the time to check me out. Boy, have I failed before! I moved to Colorado last year after being fired from my job. I worked with a company for a while and as a side job, I decided to do some in-home Audio-video work. I figured, “How hard could it be?” Let’s make a long story short and agree that it was harder than I thought. I made the homeowners upset and I moved back to NY. I haven’t tried to start a business since then, but I have been fired from a couple jobs.

That’s where my therapy comes in! I started getting professional counseling a month and a half ago and it’s been great. I’m discovering how to implement habits and tools that enable me to process my emotions in a healthy way instead of reverting to habits and addictions.

I’m a New Yorker and love the state. Especially right now! I have had all my windows open for the past week in my apartment and the cool air is refreshing.

I’m taking this course because I admire Noah’s transparency when he shares how he started AppSumo. I believe in his process and I like his products (I use Filmora).

But I’m mostly taking this course because I am stuck. I started a sales job with a local Marketing company a few months ago. It went great for the first few weeks but I haven’t made a sale since. I figured, if I took a risk with my money and invested in this course, I had a great opportunity to turn a not so good situation into a much better one.

I’ve got goals and aspirations and dreams and most importantly, I’ve got friends overseas and I want to have the money to go visit them and learn from their story. ( You didn’t say “no run on sentences”, Noah.)

I want to improve the quality of my video recording and editing equipment and I want to take that around the world with me as I share my story with the world through blogging and vlogging.

I want to be able to keep paying my therapist as he teaches me how to deal with my emotions in a healthy way.

Also, I want to have the experience of starting a business so that I can help other people with their businesses. As I make my own business, I will acquire the confidence and the know how to help people get unstuck as they try to lead their own businesses.”

Check out the rest of my content here https://linktr.ee/matthew_robert_hendricks

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